Ginger Ray Baby in Bloom Flower Confetti Latex Balloon 12in - Pack of 5


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  • 10-12in 橡膠氣球:約6-8小時
  • 36in 橡膠氣球:約10-12小時
  • 氦氣球/鋁膜氣球(充空氣的氣球除外):約2-3天
  • 水晶氣球:約2-3天

Decorate your venue with these adorable 'Baby in Bloom' Confetti Balloons. Each pack contains 5 'Baby in Bloom' Baby Shower Balloons.

Product Details:

These gorgeous Rose Gold Flower Confetti Balloons make for the perfect baby shower decoration! With subtle flower confetti, they'll instantly give your venue a sophisticated touch.

Decorate your venue in style with these 'Baby In Bloom' Confetti Balloons and give the special 'Mummy to be' the baby shower she's dreamed of. For more inspiration, check out the full Baby in Bloom range for matching party decorations and accessories.

Each pack contains:

  • 5 x 12" 'Baby in Bloom' Confetti Balloons


氣球充氣後可以飛多久 ?你們提供氣球充氣服務嗎?

  • 請瀏覽「 氣球常見問題 」頁面了解如何為氣球選擇最合適的重力座。


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