Ginger Ray Marble, Grey & Chrome Gold Balloon Arch Kit



Give your party a pop of drama and sophistication with this impressive luxe balloon arch kit. Balloon garland consists of 200 balloons in various colours & sizes.

Product details:

Our gorgeous balloon arches are the best way to take your party balloons to the next level! Use as a showstopping centrepiece or frame your door to create an exciting entrance!

The fabulous luxe balloon garland is made of muted marble and peach tones mixed with a pop of colour to bring your theme together!

Each pack contains 200 party balloons:

  • 21 x 10" Double Layer Marble Balloons
  • 18 x 5", 15 x 10" and 5 x 12" Gold Chrome Balloons
  • 23 x 5", 10 x 10" and 2 x 32" White Balloons
  • 20 x 5", 20 x 10", 30 x 12" and 1 x 32" Double Layer Peach Balloons
  • 35 x 10" Double Layer Blue Balloons
  • 12m Balloon tape and glue dots for easy assembly


  • 這是一般的 空氣氣球 ,專用於掛起或貼在牆上,並不適合充氦氣,不可飄浮。
  • 如果想購買可飄浮的氣球,請查看 氦氣球/鋁箔氣球 系列!


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