Ginger Ray Merry Christmas Confetti Latex Balloon with Light Bulb Balloon Tails 12in - Pack of 5



Add a pop of colour and fun to your decorations with these Merry Christmas confetti balloons with light bulb balloon tails. Each pack contains 5 x 12" Merry Christmas Balloons with balloon tails.

Product details:

These fun yet elegant Christmas helium balloons will be a great finishing touch to your decorations - perfect to inflate some festive fun into a Christmas party! The gorgeous gold confetti will sparkle behind the scripted 'Merry Christmas' in red font.

To get the confetti to stick best we recommend inflating with both helium and a puff of air. Once inflated rotate the balloon whilst rubbing the sides to get the confetti to stick. Group the balloons in bunches to maximise the effect.

Each pack contains 5 x 12" Christmas balloons with gold confetti, complete with gold string and light bulb balloon tails.


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