Ginger Ray Tall Multi-Coloured Birthday Cake Candles - Pack of 12


Make a wish on your big day with these gorgeously bright Multi-Coloured Tall Birthday Candles - sure to give a pop of colour to the big day! Give the perfect finishing touch to your Rainbow Birthday theme with our tall candles. Each pack contains 12 Tall Multi-Coloured Rainbow Birthday Candles.

Product details:

What did you wish for?!' Will be the question on all of your guests lips with these gorgeously bright tall candles. These colourful rainbow birthday cake decorations will create a sparkly display on all cake centrepieces and are perfectly suited for all ages and genders.

The party doesn't stop with the cake. Why not check out our 'Mix it Up' party range, perfect to match with the candles to celebrate any occasion. We have fab colourful party decorations, including stunning backdrops and party tableware to really bring a pop of colour to the happy day.

Each pack contains:
12 x Multi- Coloured Tall Candles in a mix of red, yellow, pink, blue and green colours. Each measuring 17cm (H).


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