Rocket Pinata 54cm x 28cm x 12cm



A Rocket pinata created by My Little Day.

This rocket pinata is clearly made for a cosmic, space or a Neill Armstrong themed birthday party. It also works for a film night watching Interstellar, Gravity or Armageddon. Essentially, as soon as it's a matter of space, saving the world, pushing the limits and wearing the NASA uniform, this fits the mission!

The pinata is a key element of a child's birthday! Not only is it fabulous decoration but it's the much awaited activity of a successful birthday party! It works by pulling on the strings below to release the hidden surprises. Uncontrollable laughter guaranteed!

Dimensions: 54 x 28 x 12 cm.

Attention: the pinata is empty. You must remove the small lid to fill it with games, treats and confetti.


This pinata is made out of cardboard and is therefore quite rigid, so it can be difficult to break open!

Traditional method: Use a stick or a pole, go wild and break open the piñata.

Soft method: Certain piñatas can be opened by pulling on the strings. 
Although practical for young or non-violent children, this is not the most reliable method. Sometimes, the strings are not securely attached, therefore in order to free the sweet and surprises, feel free to pre-pierce some holes around the ribbons (using a sharp knife, a cutter or a pair of scissors). The piñata will break open more easily, avoiding any disappointments!

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