Talking Tables Blue Glitter Number Candle 6


Celebrate your special big day with this number 2 blue glitter dipped candle Mix and match with other numbers, also available in pink. Perfect for popping on a special birthday cake!

Product Details:

  • Product Height: 7.7cm
  • Product Width: 3.5cm
  • Product Depth: 1.0cm
  • Product Weight: 30.0g
  • Product Material: (Wax) Paraffin

Packaging Details:

  • Packaged height: 13.8cm
  • Packaged width: 5.7cm
  • Packaged depth: 2.0cm
  • Packaged weight: 30.0g


We know you want to party like there is a tomorrow so we're working hard on making everything we sell as kind to the planet as possible.


  • Plastic Free - There's no plastic in this product, how fantastic.
  • General Waste - Not quite everything is sustainable yet but we're working on it.


  • Plastic Free - There's no plastic in this packaging, how fantastic.
  • Home Recyclable - Recycle me and I'll be created into something new.


氣球充氣後可以飛多久 ?你們提供氣球充氣服務嗎?

  • 請瀏覽「 氣球常見問題 」頁面了解如何為氣球選擇最合適的重力座。


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