Talking Tables Bright Sweet Shop Stand



Talking Tables Street Stalls Sweet Shop Multi Stripe 2 Tier Treat Holder Stand,

A fantastic addition to any buffet table this is our zany rainbow coloured retro sweet shop stand which comes complete with decorative candy-stripe sweet bags for you to fill with all manner of tasty and exciting treats. This Sweet Stall is perfect for any party where you are looking for a stand-out decoration to take centre stage on the buffet table. This show-stopping sweet shop stand looks the part with its decorative jars of confection and dummy scales and everyone at the party is sure to love it. This is a two-tier unit which has a reversible roof and sign. Included is a pack of 12 sweet bags and an 'A' board sign with alphabet stickers for personalization. Ideally suited to holding 12 bags of sweets, this easy-to-assemble unit can be stored away in the PVC sleeve for future use. The completed stand measures: H37cm x W31cm x D18cm.

This will be a terrific party accessory at any time of the year and for any age group.

Candy Stripe Sweet and Treat Display Stand


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